Jimmy's family
is a special bunch....
(no explanation necessary).

With his wife Kitty they raised two girls, Moira and Janice, and one boy, Ken.
Jimmy  MacLean's
Moira, a CPA, is married to Emil Restaino an attorney and aspiring tenor, (though some of his clients seem more like sopranos). Their daughter Dena is enrolled at James Madison University with a full academic load and membership in the Cheerleading Team..

Janice became a pharmacist and married Patrick Pellegrino a university policeman. Their three kids are highly competitive. Robert and Matthew on the hockey rink, Christy, in equestrian tournaments.

The eldest of the grandchildren is James, Ken's son. He has traveled to several countries and nearly all of the fifty states. James is a  musician and public speaker currently enrolled at Boston University, where he is President of  the Chi Alpha fellowship chapter  and Army R.O.T.C.
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